Amethyst Druse – Size XS

Amethyst Druse – Size XS


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type of jewellery: Druse
  • Type of stone: Amethyst
  • Druse size: L. 6cm x W. 4cm x H. 4cm
  • Weight: 100 to 250 g

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Are you an individual, a therapist? The size XS amethyst druse is perfect to purify your stones, crystals and minerals.

Description of the size XS Amethyst Druse

Druse is a grey stone covered with amethyst crystals. It is often oval or pointed, but can also have other various shapes. Amethyst can be dressed with the full range of violet colours. It is often translucent. Its colours are due to its silicon dioxide content and some traces of iron. It is extracted from deposits around the world, particularly in Brazil, Russia, India, and Africa.

Its name comes from the Latin “Amethystus” and the Greek “Amethystos” which means “preserves from drunkenness”. Amethystos is the name of a nymph in Greek mythology. According to legend, Dionysus, god of wine, was angry and would have wanted to take revenge on human beings by releasing his tigers on the first person who crossed his path. It was the young Amethystos who experience the effects of his anger. She then invoked the goddess Artemis who changed her into white crystal. Dionysus, regretting his action, decided to throw wine on the crystal, giving it its purple hue. Starting there, this crystal was given the name “Amethystos”.

Amethyst adorns the episcopal ring of the bishops, in order to bring them clarity of mind. It also adorns many royal jewels such as the crown of England. It is indeed a gem appreciated for jewellery making.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Amethyst Druse

Psychological Benefits of the Amethyst Druse

  • The size XS amethyst druse is a soothing stone that acts on hyperactive children and agitated people. It eliminates states of stress and sadness. It also helps to refocus on emotions in order to understand and control them. Moreover, amethyst stimulates creativity and intuition.

Physical Benefits of the Amethyst Druse

  • Thanks to its calming virtues, size XS amethyst druse regulates blood pressure and eases pains. It is so soothing and relaxing that it promotes deep and restful sleep.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Amethyst Druse

  • Amethyst is the stone for February natives. It is also particularly recommended for people born under the sign of Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius; and Virgo. Indeed, they will be the most receptive to its benefits.

Chakras Corresponding to the Amethyst Druse

  • Amethyst is linked to the Coronal chakra, which protects our spirituality and soul. It therefore brings wisdom and serenity to your mind.

Maintenance of the Amethyst Druse

  • The size XS amethyst druse can be cleaned with cold, slightly soapy water and then rinsed with clear water. This stone is recharged by lunar energy, so leave it under the moonlight for one night to regain all its powers.
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