Citrine Geode – GECT794

Citrine Geode – GECT794


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type of jewellery: Geode
  • Type of stone: Citrine
  • Geode size: L. 20cm x H. 38cm
  • Weight: 13,350 g

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Are you an individual, a therapist? The GECT794 citrine geode is perfect to purify your stones, crystals; and minerals.

Description of the GECT794 Citrine Geode

Citrine owes its name to its lemon-yellow colour, which sometimes varies from golden yellow to orange brown. Belonging to the quartz group, citrine is chemically composed of silicon dioxide. Its main deposits are found in Antananarivo, Madagascar. However, there are also smaller deposits in Germany, Brazil, Spain, Austria, the United States, and the Czech Republic. Thanks to this sublime citrine geode, the energies of the stone are multiplied tenfold. Its unique appearance makes it a gorgeous decorative object to be placed in your home or to offer to your loved ones. Indeed, this citrine geode allows to protect its owner’s house, to harmonise the place, and to diffuse good and peaceful energies.

Citrine is a solar stone associated with heat. This solar energy allows physical, intellectual and spiritual development. In South America, shamans use citrine to strengthen the vitality of men. In some cultures, it is considered a lucky charm that protects against the evil eye. In lithotherapy, citrine is a stone that promotes joy of life, abundance, success, prosperity and wealth. Placing this powerful citrine geode in your living space will also promote material, spiritual and intellectual generosity.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Citrine Geode

Psychological Benefits of the Citrine Geode

  • Bringing the joy of life;
  • Balancing energies;
  • Improving concentration;
  • Stimulating the creative spirit;
  • Protecting and purifying the aura;
  • Developing intuition;
  • Promoting luck and success;
  • Offering a positive mindset;
  • Increasing self-confidence;
  • Helping to overcome stress and anxiety.

Physical Benefits of the Citrine Geode

  • Protecting the digestive system;
  • Enhancing the functioning of the spleen and the pancreas;
  • Relieving menstrual pain.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Citrine Geode

The astrological signs most receptive to the energies of the citrine geode are the following:

  • Gemini;
  • Leo;
  • Virgo;
  • Libra;

Chakras Corresponding to the Citrine Geode

  • Associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, citrine is a stone that promotes creativity as well as physical, mental and emotional stability.

Maintenance of the Citrine Geode

  • Purification: Citrine should be purified with distilled salt water. However, the citrine geode requires very little maintenance as it absorbs and eliminates negative energies on its own. With its quite imposing size, one purification per year will be more than enough to preserve its brilliance and virtues.
  • Recharging: If you feel a small drop in energy, you can recharge your citrine geode for a few hours under the sunlight. To optimise this recharging process, you can place it next to a quartz cluster.
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