Gold Nugget Size L – Raw stone

Gold Nugget Size L – Raw stone


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type: Raw stone
  • Type of stone: Gold nugget
  • Weight: between 4 and 5.5 carats

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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, opt to the gold nugget raw stone.

Description of the Gold Nugget Raw Stone – size L in lithotherapy

The gold nugget is at the origin of the gold rush and the American dream of the 19th century. Its discovery brought thousands of miners and investors to the Sacramento Valley. The mines were not always very safe and thousands of miners died there. Yet everything started from scratch. While a farmer decided to build a sawmill on his land, an employee discovered some gold nuggets. The news spread throughout California within weeks. Ironically, the owner of the land was never able to make a fortune, nor was he ever able to get compensation for the sudden arrival of the investors who ransacked his farm and ruined his sawmill project. The gold nugget is worth much more than just a piece of gold. We do not all agree on the origin of these nuggets. We may think that it was two colliding stars that caused them or simply a piece of gold that disintegrated in the water. Minerals Kingdom offers you the possibility of owning a gold nugget in size L. It will magnificently embellish up your interior and give it a majestic appearance.

Lithotherapeutic properties of Gold Nugget

Psychological properties of Gold Nugget Raw Stone size L 

Psychologically, the gold nugget – size L gives self-assurance in its wearer. He instinctively wants to change his life. He opens his eyes to his loved ones to keep the best and get rid of those who want to harm him.

Physical properties of Gold Nugget Raw Stone – size L

The gold nugget – size L is present in the majority of cosmetic products. It slows down the ageing of the skin, provides good oxygenation and effective protection against the sun’s rays.

Astrological signs associated with Gold Nugget Raw Stone

Scorpio and Leo will be able to make the most of the benefits of the gold nugget in size L in lithotherapy. If you place one in the middle of a room, people who are native to these signs will quickly feel the effects.

Chakra corresponding to Gold Nugget Raw Stone

The gold nugget – size L acts on the Solar Plexus chakra. This means that the person, who is close to the stone, if he or she has a good astrological sign, will feel a life force invading it. He will immediately feel the desire to accomplish all his projects quickly and without any fear.

Maintenance of Gold Nugget Raw Stone Size L

The gold nugget is precious. You must therefore take the utmost care of it. Always remember that people have died to find them. You are lucky to have one, so make sure you can leave it to your descendants. To do this, let it rest in a bowl of distilled water at least once a month. After wiping it carefully with a clean cloth, you should leave it on a pile of quartz for several hours in the sun.

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