Gold Nugget – Size M – Raw Stone

Gold Nugget – Size M – Raw Stone


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type: Raw Stone
  • Type of stone: Gold nugget
  • Weight: between 3 and 4 carats

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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, choose the raw gold nugget.

Description of the Raw Gold Nugget Size M

The first gold nugget was discovered in 1848 in the Sacramento Valley by an employee who was responsible for building a sawmill. Immediately, he left to notify his employer. The latter had his discovery analysed, and the result was indisputable: it was gold! For a few days, the discovery remained secret so as not to hinder the smooth running of the work. But as always, the rumour finally spread. Within a few months, the whole country knew about it. The President of the United States even talked about it. Thousands of investors moved there and built mines. California’s cities have seen crowds of people arrive in a short time. Everybody wanted their share of the pie. There was gold in America! This gave life to the American dream that we in the West know well. You always have to have more. Minerals Kingdom was extremely lucky to get some gold nuggets to offer you in size M. This nugget can easily be displayed in a room so that the inhabitants can take advantage of its lithotherapeutic properties.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Raw Gold Nugget

Psychological Benefits of the Raw Gold Nugget Size M

The gold nugget – size M is known to take the stress of life away from the wearer. It restores self-confidence, allow you to assert your ideas and to move forward with your projects. In the same way, it opens your eyes to the real value of your loved ones. You will thus be able to make decisions and choose to distance yourself from people who want to harm you.

Physical Benefits of the Raw Gold Nugget Size M

The gold nugget – size M is mainly used in expensive cosmetic products. As the stone is expensive, so is the product. And yet, its effects are miraculous. In particular, gold detoxifies and moisturises the skin, slows down the ageing process, and protects it from the sun. It is said that Diane de Poitiers used to drink it every morning to keep her skin young and radiant with beauty. It is also an incredible anti-fatigue.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Raw Gold Nugget

The raw gold nugget – size M corresponds to two astrological signs: Leo and Scorpio.

Chakra Corresponding to the Raw Gold Nugget

Gold corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra. This means that whoever wears it may feel an inexplicable feeling of courage. He will find the motivation he needs to follow his dreams and realise his projects.

Maintenance of the Raw Gold Nugget Size M

Considering the value of a gold nugget, it is necessary to give it all the attention and care it deserves. Water is beneficial for gold nuggets. At least once a week, it should be left to rest in a bowl of distilled water. Afterwards, it should be recharged in full sunlight on an amethyst geode or a heap of quartz. Once recharged, your stone is functional again. You can combine it with another mineral to multiply its effects tenfold.

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