Gold Nugget – Size S – Raw Stone

Gold Nugget – Size S – Raw Stone


  • Brand : Minerals Kingdom
  • Type : Raw stone
  • Type of stone : Gold nugget
  • Weight: between 2 and 3 carats

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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, choose the raw gold nugget.

Description of the Raw Gold Nugget – Size S

The story of the discovery of gold nugget is quite original. It began in California in 1839. A trader established in the Sacramento Valley with the goal of creating an agricultural complex. To invest more, he decided to build a sawmill. So his employee went to work. On the first day of the work, while digging a pit, he found some gold nuggets. He immediately went to warn the owner of the land who had them analysed. The verdict is beyond doubt: it’s gold! They both agreed to keep the secret so as not to hinder the trader’s project. However, the news spread like wildfire. Immediately, thousands of Californians and then Americans landed in order to find gold and make a fortune. This was called the famous “gold rush”. It is important to know that the nugget has a higher value than the native gold. Minerals Kingdom therefore give you a favour by offering you a gold nugget in size S. As it is small, you will have the opportunity to carry it everywhere with you to enjoy its effects in lithotherapy.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Raw Gold Nugget

Psychological Benefits of the Raw Gold Nugget

Psychologically, the effects are multiple as it allows you to:

  • Fight against stress;
  • Enjoy a boost of energy;
  • Understand the people around you;
  • Attract the right energies;
  • Regain self-confidence.

Physical Benefits of the Raw Gold Nugget Stone Size S

Physically, the gold nugget – size S has many virtues:

  • Oxygenate the skin;
  • Slow down the ageing of the skin and cells;
  • Moisturise the skin in depth;
  • Protect from the sun.

It is good to know that to multiply its properties, another precious stone must be associated with the nugget. This list is therefore not definitive. It can be extended according to the other mineral you choose. Gold can be found in the most expensive cosmetics.

Astrological signs Associated with the Raw Gold Nugget

Two astrological signs correspond to the gold nugget – size S: Scorpio and Leo. For the others, it makes more sense to go for a mineral that has affinities with your sign.

Chakra Corresponding to the Raw Gold Nugget

The gold nugget – size S acts on the Solar Plexus chakra. This means that you will focus all your energies in one point to give you the motivation to reach all your wildest dreams.

Maintenance of the Raw Gold Nugget – size S

Gold nugget is sacred. Therefore you should take good care of it. After each use, it is important to immerse it in distilled water. Do not add any salt to it, as it may lose its properties. Then, it should be recharged in full sunlight on an amethyst geode. As soon as you receive your nugget, perform this ritual. Indeed, it has been in many hands before it reaches you.

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