Gold Nugget – Size XS – Rough Stone

Gold Nugget – Size XS – Rough Stone


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type: Rough stone
  • Type of stone: Gold nugget
  • Weight: between 1.25 and 2 carats

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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, choose the rough gold nugget.

Description of the Rough Gold Nugget – Size XS

Gold is a well-known metal, symbol of wealth and power, but also of beauty and great generosity. Much sought after since Antiquity, it is the embodiment of refinement and love, sublimated by the delicate creations of goldsmiths. It is often cited as a reference for investing money, but that would be forgetting all the lithotherapeutic properties of this precious metal. Gold is regularly used in Asian goldsmithing as a “pure” metal. In the majority of other jewellery trends, it is used in alloy, to gain in strength and durability. Many different shades of gold have been used in our jewellery stalls: yellow gold, which is generally based on a mixture of gold, silver and copper; pink gold, which uses the same alloy, with more copper; but also red gold, which mixes only gold and copper; or green gold, which fuses gold and silver.

“Pure” gold is more easily deformable and creates delicate twisted patterns. Its purity also amplifies its properties and influence on body and mind: gold nuggets have always an important spiritual dimension. All reflections on the beauty of the world around us, on the intrinsic meaning of existence, and on the very essence of life will be nourished and fuelled by a gold nugget worn close to the body. It is an important metal for many people, which has the advantage of mixing well with many stones to amplify their beneficial effects. Gold is thus a catalyst that nourishes our daily hope and allows us to see the best of what surrounds us.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Rough Gold Nugget

Psychological Benefits of the Rough Gold Nugget – Size XS

On the mental level, gold nugget embodies the awakening of the mind, access to knowledge and real understanding of oneself. Gold is de facto the perfect metal for those who seek to open up to the world and grow their intellect.

Physical Benefits of the Rough Gold Nugget – Size XS

On a physical level, gold nugget acts on many disorders and can soothe even the most troubled lives. It has a great impact on blood circulation and helps to moderate hormonal disorders. It has been known for decades for its soothing virtues, which facilitate recovery, in addition to reducing vision problems.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Rough Gold Nugget– Size XS

Gold is known to be the metal of Leo and Scorpio, who can use it to sublimate their incredible courage and the impressive pride they feel after each successful action. A real champion metal, it will boost the positive vibes they give off on a daily basis!

Chakra Corresponding to the Rough Gold Nugget – Size XS

  • Solar Plexus

Maintenance of the Rough Gold Nugget – Size XS

Taking care of gold is quite simple: it is recommended to soak the jewel in hot water mixed with Marseille soap. To remove impurities, it should be rubbed gently after a few hours in the bath, before drying it with a soft cloth.

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