Emerald Bracelet – 12 mm Bead

Emerald Bracelet – 12 mm Bead


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Bracelet
  • Type of Stone: Emerald
  • Type of pearl: Beads
  • Bead Size: 12mm

Type of clasp and thread:

  • Without Clasp – Elastic Thread
  • Silver Clasp 925 – Steel Thread
  • 14-carat Gold Clasp – Copper Thread

Emerald Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads

Description of the Emerald Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads

Brightly coloured with a beautiful brilliance, the Emerald Bracelet, is an ornament that embellishes the wrist. It consists of round stones of 12 mm diameter mounted on a white or yellow gold or Silver chain. Etymologically Emerald comes from the Latin “smaragdus” and the Persian “zamarat” which means “heart of stone”. It is a variety of beryl and belongs to the silicate family. It is essentially made of vanadium, chromium and iron: its chemical formula is Be3Al2Si6O18. Emerald comes in various shades of Green, including blue Green, light Green, dark Green, intense Green, yellow Green, etc. It is found in many places around the world. However, it is very rare as it is formed under typical geological conditions and its primary deposits are in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, USA, and Zambia.

This precious stone has been known for thousands of years and the Egyptians used it in the manufacture of jewels. The famous Queen Cleopatra was so fascinated by this stone that she offered it effigies carved out of it. The Babylonians used it as a coin more than 2000 years BC. Nero would have used it to make an instrument that would improve his eyesight and Pliny recommended it for the treatment of visual disorders. According to Arthurian legend, the Holy Grail is made of emeralds. Several Emerald sites and deposits have been discovered over the centuries. It is always highly coveted for the making of many pieces of jewellery and the more intense the colour, the more valuable it is.

Virtues of the Emerald Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads in lithotherapy

Virtues of the Emerald Bracelet on the mental level

  • Long venerated by many civilisations, it is a stone of great vision which would attribute to the one who wears it gifts of prediction, the spirit of discernment and intelligence. It brings well-being, balance and harmony. It calms emotions and inspires creativity. During a speech or presentation, it is a powerful memory aid and confers eloquence. In relationships, it balances feelings, encourages tolerance, understanding, loyalty and cooperation. It allows to prevent against claustrophobia.

Virtues of the Emerald Bracelet on the physical level

  • Fortifying stone of excellence, the Emerald is reputed to be effective against many physical ailments. Used to improve visual acuity, it reduces eye fatigue and cures eye diseases. It helps to prevent diabetes, flu, angina and strengthens the immune system. It calms migraines and reduces the symptoms of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It eliminates toxins from the body and strengthens the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It relieves joint pain and protects the spine.

Zodiac signs corresponding to the Emerald Bracelet

  • The Emerald stone is very suitable for natives of the Zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Taurus. It develops in them vitality, love and sweetness.

Chakra corresponding to the Emerald Bracelet

  • This stone is perfect to activate the functions of the Heart Chakra, Chakra that regulates all feelings and allows to control what happens around you.

Maintenance of the Emerald Bracelet made of 12mm Beads

  • When the beads of the Bracelet lose their brilliance, they should be immersed in wine and wiped with a cloth soaked in olive oil. However, purification with salt-free demineralised water and recharging with moderate solar heat would allow the benefits to continue to be enjoyed.
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