“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 74

“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 74


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Collection: Pour Elle et Lui
  • Jewellery type: Bracelet
  • Stone type: Miyuki bead
  • Length: 19 cm
  • One size only and cannot be resized

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“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 74

Description of the miyuki bead bracelet from the “Pour Elle et Lui” Collection

Miyuki beads are renowned in the world of beadwork. Indeed, they are considered as the best glass beads in the world – a title earned because of their consistency in quality. They are commonly known as “seed beads” and can be used to create jewellery or decorative objects. The diversity of their colours, shades and shapes make them an indispensable accessory to stimulate everyone’s creativity and imagination. They owe their name to the Japanese company Miyuki which has been exercising its know-how since the 1930s. Miyuki Delica beads are one of the most popular beads among enthusiasts. Their cylindrical shape and perfect regularity make them ideal for weaving beautiful jewellery or for creating accessories and various decorative elements.
In addition to their flawless design, Miyuki Delica beads are also appreciated for their practicality. Their regularity makes it possible to fashion jewellery with a neat finish, and to produce splendid and straight weaves. The most common size of these beads is 11/0 which is equivalent to 1.3 mm in diameter and 1.6 mm in height. The hole on these beads is sufficiently wide (0.8 mm) to allow the wire to be passed through several times without breaking it. The richness of colours also contributes to the great popularity of these beads. The shades of tones are rich enough to allow you to create the object of your choice, or the fancy bracelet of your desires. You will be able to match each bracelet to every single one of your outfits.

This miyuki bead bracelet perfectly suits both men and women. Indeed, its neutral and elegant look makes it a refined piece of jewellery that is easy to adapt to any outfit. Minerals Kingdom team guarantees to offer you high-quality beads as well as robust and excellent quality bracelet fibres, so that you can enjoy the bracelet for the many years to come. The maintenance of your miyuki bead bracelet is rather simple. You should keep it away from water: this could compromise the quality of the threads, or relax them. Water can also tarnish the beads or cause their colours to fade. If your pearls are dusty, gently wipe them with a soft cloth to clean them. This will preserve your bracelet in good condition.

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Weight 25 g

Length Bracelet



Without Clasp

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