“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 78

“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 78


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Collection: Pour Elle et Lui
  • Jewellery type: Bracelet
  • Stone type: Miyuki bead
  • Length: 19 cm
  • One size only and cannot be resized

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“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 78

Description of the miyuki bead bracelet from the “Pour Elle et Lui” Collection

Minerals Kingdom offers you a neutral miyuki bead bracelet This miyuki bead bracelet can be worn by both men and women. This original jewel is made with blown glass beads. Of Japanese origin, the miyuki bead bracelet features flat beads that are strung and tightened together. There are no spaces between the beads. The beads cover the entire length of the bracelet. A golden metal clasp ensures the fastening. The colour of the metal perfectly matches the glass beads. To fashion a miyuki bead bracelet, we arrange the beads according to :

  • Colour: There are many different colours. Different shades for the same colour are available as well.
  • Width: Miyuki beads exist in several widths. You will find slim, wide or even wider beads.
  • Patterns: As the glass beads are blown, different effects or patterns can be obtained. Stripes, marbling, dots, etc. can appear on the surface of the beads.

All these different factors ensure that unique miyuki bead bracelets are created. In fact, all the possible combinations and options enable to design bracelets in a great number of ways: number of colours chosen, multiple widths selected, design effects… The colours of miyuki bead bracelets are usually bright and cheerful which make them really catchy for the eyes of people you meet. The flat beads we use are ultra-light. This allows the bracelet to be comfortable to wear. You will not feel it on your wrists.

You can gift a miyuki bead bracelet to loved ones or to yourself. Bracelets are considered a good luck charm in Japan. You can wear several miyuki bead bracelets on one or both of your wrists, and why not on the ankles? Summer is a time for fantasy. At the beach, in the evening, with a dress or shorts, your miyuki beaded bracelets will make you shine. On holiday, if your skin is tanned, the beautiful colours will stand out even more. Men too can wear these beautiful bracelets with T-shirts. This bracelet is simple to care for. Keep this jewellery away from a water source which can damage it. We therefore advise you to take it off before taking a bath this evening or swimming in a pool or the ocean. Nevertheless, you may keep your miyuki bead bracelet at all times, even at night. If you remove it, put it in a dry place. You should store it in a soft cotton case if you are not going to wear it for several days.

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Weight 25 g

Length Bracelet



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