“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 79

“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 79


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Collection: Pour Elle et Lui
  • Jewellery type: Bracelet
  • Stone type: Miyuki bead
  • Length: 19 cm
  • One size only and cannot be resized

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“Pour Elle et Lui” Miyuki Bead Bracelet – Ref. 79

Description of the miyuki bead bracelet from the “Pour Elle et Lui” Collection

Miyuki beads are renowned in the world of beadwork. Manufactured by Miyuki Company in Japan, they have been produced since the 1930s. These beads are distributed worldwide. They are mostly used to fashion costume jewellery, more refined jewellery as well as various decorative 3D objects: animals, fictitious characters, etc. The Miyuki brand offers numerous types of high-quality beads in different sizes and colours. Miyuki Delica beads, for example, are famous for their cylindrical shape. If you look at them from the side, however, they appear to be slightly square, whereas seed beads are more rounded. Delica beads are also made with computer-assisted laser cutting machine. This results in perfect regularity which makes it possible to create jewellery with a neat finish. Among the sizes, the most common is size 11/0 which is equivalent to 1.3 mm in diameter and 1.6 mm in height. In fact, Miyuki has adapted the bead sizing to that of the clothes (S, M or L) to help you find your way around when choosing beads. The size of the beads should be adapted to their intended use.

As for the Delica beads, they have a large hole (0.8 mm) and thin walls. These features allow the thread to be passed through the hole several times without the risk of breaking the bead. These Delica beads are excellent for bead weaving using the peyote technique, brick stitch or on a loom – you can also do without them to create jewellery. These beads and their regularity allow crafting beautiful and straight weaves. Delica beads are also renowned for their colour, density and multitude of shades. They encourage your imagination and creativity by offering you the means to renew each of your creations. The shades of colour are of impeccable quality. Their effect also differs depending on what you are looking for: matt, glossy, metallic, pearly, shiny… The array of jewellery and objects you can create is endless. Minerals Kingdom offers you a large choice of miyuki bead bracelets.

This miyuki bead bracelet is a high-quality jewel, not only because of its weaving method, but also because of the choice of the beads and threads. It suits both men’s and women’s wrists. Its refined and elegant look can perfectly complement any of your outfits. Avoid exposing the miyuki bead bracelet to water, as this will damage the fibre frame and the beads. Water may cause its colour to fade and its sparkle to tarnish. To clean the bracelet, wipe it with a soft cloth. This will allow you to preserve the miyuki bead bracelet for many years.

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