Labradorite Pendant – Trapeze

Labradorite Pendant – Trapeze


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Jewellery Type: Pendant
  • Stone type: Labradorite
  • Pendant type: Trapezium
  • Dimensions: ≈ Height 2.5 cm x Width 1 cm

Chain Types:

  • Steel chain no.1 – Length 45 cm
  • Steel chain no.2 – Length 45/50/55 cm
  • 925 Silver Chain – Length 40/45/50/55/60 cm
  • Golden Chain – Length 60 cm
  • 750 Gold Plated Chain – Length 40/45/50/55/60 cm

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Labradorite Pendant – Shape: Trapeze

Description of the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

This trapeze labradorite pendant will instantly enhance all your outfits. Labradorite is a stone belonging to the silicate family. It is usually transparent or opaque and can display a variety of colours such as blue, green or gold. It has beautiful metallic reflections which makes it unique and much appreciated among jewellers. Labradorite is named after the place where it was discovered in 1770: Labrador, Canada. It was formed in metamorphic or magmatic rocks. Its main deposits are located, of course, in Canada, but also in the United States, Mexico, Russia and Madagascar. For the Scandinavians, labradorite is linked to the Aurora Borealis from which its palette of colours and reflections originate. For the Inuit, the Aurora Borealis was enclosed in rocks located in Labrador and when a warrior wanted to free them with his spear, the majority of the lights reached the sky but a few remained on Earth and became iridescent stones.
In 1,000, the Amerindians began to carve this particular rock to create objects. According to a legend, people who were irresistibly attracted to labradorite would have links with the lost continent of Atlantis. According to its history and the legends surrounding it, labradorite is clearly connected with divine beings and is considered as a shield against negative energies. Whether you are attracted by its lithotherapeutic properties (which we will detail below) or by its beauty, the trapeze labradorite pendant is a high quality jewel which allows you to enjoy all the stone’s virtues.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

Psychological Benefits of the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

  • Labradorite is renowned for its protective virtues. Indeed, it protects against the excess of empathy which can be destructive. Moreover, it is a stone that will help to stabilise your mood as it brings constancy and balance. It also promotes intuition and inspiration.

Physical Benefits of the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

  • Labradorite is effective on the whole digestive system. It can also regulate hormones and help to reduce blood pressure. As an energising stone, it prevents physical or intellectual fatigue. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear it when you are about to sleep.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

  • Labradorite is particularly beneficial for the natives of Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Chakra Corresponding to the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

  • Labradorite is related to the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras.

Maintenance of the Trapeze Labradorite Pendant

  • This trapeze labradorite pendant rarely requires purification unless it has lost its lustre and colour.
  • To purify the stone, it can be immersed for several hours in distilled water and then left to recharge in the sun.
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