“Capucine” Jade Ring – 925 Silver

“Capucine” Jade Ring – 925 Silver


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Collection: Capucine
  • Jewellery type: Ring
  • Stone type: Jade
  • Material: Rhodium-plated 925 silver
  • Cabochon shape: Oval
  • Dimensions: ≈ Length 2cm x Width 2cm
  • Available sizes: 48 to 64


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“Capucine” Jade 925 Silver Ring – Oval cabochon

Description of the Jade 925 silver ring from the Capucine Collection

Usually coloured with light tones, jade is a hard stone, mainly used as an ornament for decorative objects. As a resistant mineral, it has been exploited to create weapons. However, its beauty made it a magnificent material to offer to the gods. Jade represented the Chinese Imperial dynasties and became the symbol of love, justice and virtue. In fact, it was more coveted than gold in China, where it was considered as a precious treasure. The Chinese also used jade for its medicinal virtues. In Europe, it had an equally important significance: it symbolised the Emperor and his absolute power. In short, it embodied wealth and power.
Jade is a silicate of alumina and lime from the family of augites. It is a fine, smooth and translucent stone which displays a wide variety of colours ranging from creamy white, dark green, and sometimes red or even brown, depending on the quantity of iron dioxide and chromium the stone contains. As a hard mineral, it is widely used in jewellery. Nowadays, most of these stones come from Burma, its country of origin where their protective virtues remain acknowledged. This stone was named “piedra de la ijada”, meaning “stone of the colic” by the Spaniards at the time of the conquest of South America. It was also known as the “kidney stone”. Indeed, they believed that jade could soothe kidney pain and stomach colic. In conclusion, jade is a powerful royal stone that can be found, in Burma, Russia, Japan, Australia, etc. Combined with a 92.5% pure silver ring, this jade ring is of excellent quality.

Lithotherapeutic properties of Jade Rings

Psychological benefits of Jade Rings

  • By wearing a jade ring, you will be able to enhance your tolerance, honesty as well as your ability to give an objective and rational judgement. In addition to dissipating guilt, it broadens the level of consciousness and promotes body and mind balance through meditation.

Physical benefits of Jade Rings

  • Jade is particularly effective to treat headaches, fever and emotional instability such as strong nervousness. This stone also reduces dizziness, soothes skin conditions and brings inner stability.

Astrological signs associated with Jade Rings

  • The signs of Taurus, Cancer and Libra are more sensitive to jade as they benefit the most from all its virtues.

Chakras corresponding to Jade Rings

  • Jade is primarily linked to the Heart chakra. Its effects on this body’s energy centre promote well-being and inner balance.

Maintenance of Jade Rings

  • Jade rings can be purified in distilled salt water and recharged in full sunlight on a quartz cluster as a proper maintenance and to benefit from all the stone’s virtues.
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