Heliolite Tumbled Stones 1kg

Heliolite Tumbled Stones 1kg


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Tumbled stone
  • Type of stone: Heliolite
  • Quantity of stones: 1 Kg (approx. 36 to 56 stones)
  • Size of tumbled stones: between 2 cm and 5 cm

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, choose the 1kg bag of Heliolite tumbled stones

Description of the 1kg bag of Heliolite tumbled stones

Heliolite is a stone notably mined in North America, Norway, Russia, India and Madagascar. Heliolite belongs to the oligoclase family. It owes its name to its unique sparkle. It is reminiscent of the sparkling of the sun. The colours of the stone can vary from brown to red through orange. What gives this particular aspect to the stones is the metallic effect they have. It is due to the hematite or goethite which composes it.

Many years ago, Heliolite stone was named “Stone of the stars”. It was appreciated by various civilizations over the years. For Buddhists, Heliolite stone symbolized the golden man (Vishnu’s stone). It was reputed in the time of the Vikings as a gateway that provided access to Valhalla and was thus linked to the benevolent gods.

Lithotherapeutic properties of Heliolite tumbled stones

Psychological benefits of Heliolite tumbled stones

  • Psychologically, the 1kg bag of Heliolite tumbled stones help to dispel any melancholy and sadness present within the mind.
  • They help to find tranquillity.
  • They help to fight against sadness.
  • They are particularly effective in combating lack of strength.
  • They help to reduce shyness and to get rid of various complexes.

Physical benefits of Heliolite tumbled stones

  • Physically, the 1kg bag of Heliolite tumbled stones help protect against heart attacks.
  • They help to fight nightmares and nocturnal asthma.
  • They help to strengthen the heart and the whole nervous system.
  • They purify the blood in an important way.
  • They help to regain a regular sex life and free oneself from blockages.
  • Heliolite tumbled stones help to ensure an ideal functioning of the digestive system.

Astrological signs associated with Heliolite tumbled stones

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Scorpio

Chakras corresponding to Heliolite tumbled stones

  • Lumbar
  • Solar Plexus

Maintenance of Heliolite tumbled stones

  • Take care of your Heliolite tumbled stones. To do so, start by cleaning them with distilled salt water.
  • Afterwards, recharge them using natural sunlight.
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