Disthene Tumbled Stones – 1 kg

Disthene Tumbled Stones – 1 kg


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Tumbled stones
  • Type of stone : Disthene
  • Quantity of stones: 1 Kg (approx. 36 to 56 stones)
  • Size of tumbled stones: between 2 cm and 5 cm

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, choose the 1 kg bag of disthene tumbled stones

Description of the 1kg bag of disthene tumbled stones

Minerals Kingdoms offers this 1 kg bag of disthene tumbled stones, which is ideal for your meditation or reflexology sessions. Lovers of beautiful gemstones will also be delighted to add these disthene tumbled stones to their collection, because they are very beautiful stones which diffuse unique energy. We mainly find disthene in deposits in Brazil, Madagascar and Tanzania. Each tumbled stone has been carefully handcrafted in our workshop in France, and is 100% unique. Take advantage of the magnificent, intense and natural blue colour of this stone, as well as its numerous psychological and physical virtues. If you are seeking an original gift idea, you will be happy to know that disthene tumbled stones are particularly suitable for someone with the zodiac sign of Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. These signs are indeed the most receptive to the energy of disthene. During your meditation sessions, disthene tumbled stones will stimulate the energy of the frontal chakra, for an even deeper connection.

We have carefully selected the disthene tumbled stones in this 1 kg bag for their lustre and their quality so that you can keep them intact for many years. Thanks to their small shape, these tumbled stones can be carried everywhere with you. Place them under your pillow for more peaceful sleep and to ward off bad dreams. You can also lay them in a room to diffuse their energy and purify the aura.

Lithotherapeutic properties of disthene tumbled stones

Psychological benefits of disthene tumbled stones

  • Disthene stone reduces stress, anxiety and doubts considerably, in everyday life
  • It allows a better internal connection and a better self-knowledge
  • This stone develops creativity and the emergence of new ideas, particularly ideal if you feel as though you are stagnating
  • It helps develop your self-confidence, thereby reducing shyness
  • As a soothing stone, it improves overall well-being

Physical properties of disthene tumbled stones

  • Disthene tumbled stone acts positively on the bones and the dentition
  • It reduces insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Sleep quality is greatly improved; your nights will be more restful
  • Disthene stone also enables energetic body
  • It helps reduce muscle pain

Astrological signs corresponding to disthene tumbled stones

  • Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Chakra corresponding to disthene tumbled stones

  • The frontal chakra

Maintenance of disthene tumbled stones

  • Cleaning: in order to clean these tumbled stones, we recommend that you immerse them in a large container of distilled water for at least an hour. Repeat this regularly to purify them from all negative energies.
  • Recharging: in order to recharge your tumbled stones, place them on a quartz cluster. By doing this, your disthene stones will renew their energy.
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