Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone

Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Thumb Stone
  • Type of Stone: Tiger’s Eye
  • Dimensions: ≈ Long. 3/4 cm x Larg. 2/3 cm

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Description of the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone

With its iridescent reflections and evocative name, the Tiger’s Eye has something to intrigue you. Belonging to the large family of Quartz, this opaque mineral, sometimes slightly translucent, is declined in a chromatic spectrum going from golden yellow to brown, through bronzed. Above all, it is distinguished by the curious optical effects that seem to animate the inside of the stone when it is handled. Its characteristic dark, tiger-like stripes seem to move, reinforcing the stone’s almost magical character. Also in the collective unconscious, possessing an Tiger’s Eye would almost be like possessing a talisman conferring the courage and strength of the big cat from which it takes its name. And yet, despite this strong symbolism, there are few known legends and stories about the eye of the tiger. Nevertheless, it is known, for example, that in Mesopotamia, crystal was known as the eye of Bellus, one of the most important deities in the time of Babylon. It is also said that, in ancient times, the Romans went to war with Tiger’s Eye Pendants, supposed to protect them from injury. Thus, the scarce information concerning the use of this mineral in ancient societies seems to reinforce its esoteric aura.

Characteristics of the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone

Characteristics of the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone on the mental level

  • Stone of protection, the Tiger’s Eye would preserve its carrier from bad waves emitted by ill-intentioned people. It would also help to relieve stress, helping its holder to regain inner peace and recharge with positive energy. Thus freed from automatic thoughts about everyday problems, the owner of the Tiger’s Eye is then better able to concentrate on what really matters. It can thus make constructive decisions, based on peace and not fear.

Characteristics of the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone on the physical level

  • Associated with stability and anchoring, the Tiger’s Eye would notably bring relief to knee problems, and more generally to joint affections. It would also help maintain a healthy, well-aligned spine. Finally, it is also said to contribute to the rapid recovery of deep wounds, such as bone fractures.

Zodiac signs associated with the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone

  • This Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone is best suited for Virgo natives, providing extra confidence for this rather shy natural sign. Tiger’s eye is also ideal for very active Geminis, because of its anchoring virtues. It is finally a good choice for our Leo friends, supporting their conquering nature!

Chakra associated with the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone

  • Link stone to the earth, the Tiger’s Eye enters in particular in resonance with the Solar Plexus. However, it allows to balance the other Chakras such as root, heart or frontal.

Maintenance of the Tiger’s Eye Thumb Stone

  • The Tiger’s Eye is cleaned in distilled salt water and recharged under direct sunlight on a Quartz Mass.
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