What is Litho Therapy?

Today, litho therapy is widespread around the world, at least in its original sense which is the use of stones. For example, quartz is used in the manufacturing of watches for its vibrational properties (having a frequency that is both balanced and unique). Who hasn’t owned a quartz watch over the years? Not to mention the natural stone jewellery sets whose beauty enchants us.

Not long ago, our ancestors regularly offered nature’s natural gifts, fully aware of their benefits and virtues. Beyond symbols, minute quantities of minerals are of interest to contemporary researchers for their density and innate properties. On a more spiritual level, we hear of the virtues of stones, but both, however, are based on the same theory: the chemical composition of each mineral and its impact on its environment. Their results are now proven, particularly through magnetotherapy, which relies on the powers of magnetite for self-healing. The sedative virtues of this magnetic stone are a catalyst for this purpose. Similarly, copper has therapeutically recognised virtues.

Today, researchers agree that the vibrational and energetic impact of stones on our body and minds is the result of structural analogy. Every day, essential minerals are consumed for our structural balance. As such, placing a stone in the palm of ones hand or wearing a jewel of natural stones with the appropriate virtues may be essential to compensate for a deficiency. The stone in question triggers a singular vibrational resonance on contact with the skin, stimulating organic minerals and eliminating potential bodily dysfunctions. Each mineral has a unique vibration and thus activates the energy centres (chakras). This vibration varies depending on its chemical composition, its crystal structure and its colour. The stone or mineral will thus have specific virtues and will regulate a part of the body, restoring its functional balance.